Big Bee is Dead

Thank you City of Calgary Councillors, and thank you 70.71% of Calgarians. You have single-handedly managed to decimate the bee population in my yard from about 20 bees down to 4. Way to Go! You must be so proud of yourself, standing before the world and watching those nasty weeds wither away, along with those dead bees. Congratulations.

I’ve been wondering what happened to Big Bee! He hasn’t been around my Delphiniums for a few days. Coincidentally, the green space behind my yard, the nearby soccer field, and surrounding beds near the children’s playground were sprayed with Trillion, 2-4-D, and Vantage.

You know what those pesticides do to bees?




Dead Big Bee – July 28, 2015

Fact Sheet on Trillion:

To save you the trouble of reading the whole article on this, Calgary people, let me summarize some of it for you here:

“Humans are much more heavily contaminated with 2,4-DCP than with 2,4-D. 2,4-DCP is considered a possible carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).”

“A study in the peer-reviewed journal “Environmental Health Perspectives”, noted that the commercial, off-the-shelf mixture of 2,4-D, Dicamba and Mecoprop may pose serious reproductive risks.”

“2,4-D, was recently found to be persuasively linked to cancers, neurological diseases and reproductive problems (Sears et al., Paediatrics and Child Health, April 2006). Since then, very recent research greatly strengthened the scientific links between non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and 2,4-D.”

See you in the Cancer Ward, you idiots.

Not a Happy Bee today.