At Last! A Happy Bee and the Wandering Squirrels

Hello Bee Friends,

August has sure been an interesting month. We had two wicked hail storms two days in a row, followed by a hard frost that just about decimated all of my plants. Despite the havoc it created elsewhere in the city with flooded roads and downed trees, I got lucky. It only ripped a few leaves off some trees, shredded my squash, and severely damaged the Golden Elder.

Despite the storm, the first thing the House Sparrows did the minute it was over was check out the bird feeder to make sure there was still food for them. This is the first year I’ve put out a bird feeder – it is quite fun watching all the little birds come daily to eat. The babies are still fluffing themselves up and fluttering their wings to get Mom and Pop to feed them. They are so cute.

DSC_0708 DSC_0717

One baby Robin also visits the yard occasionally. Here he is waiting for the sprinkler to go off so he can get a little drink of water.


I put out a bird bath and was delighted to discover that not only do the birds love it, but it also provides much needed water during the hot dry weather for other insects and bees. I put rocks in it so they can easily get a drink without falling in.


The other day, a Downy Woodpecker showed up, pecking away at the stick trellis by my Clematis.


One day I put out some plump blueberries in the bird feeder, but the Sparrows just looked at them strangely and tossed them over the side.  DSC_0435

That attracted the little vole that was mysteriously living somewhere in my yard. He made a sneaky visit to collect some scattered berries and seeds.


and Finally!

Another happy surprise yesterday – the two Wandering Squirrels that live in my neighbourhood discovered that I put out sunflowers for the birds and stopped by for a snack.

DSCN0056  DSC_0723


My patch of clover is going to seed, but I’m still holding out that the few flowers will feed the one bee that visits it daily. The other few bees are enjoying the late summer flowering Flea Banes, and Lobelias.


As summer draws to a close, the bees are yet again drunk on my Purple Flowering Echinaceas. Maybe, like us, they celebrate the harvest with a little bee party. Sometimes they lay there for hours, stoned on the necter’s ethanol. IMG_3485

Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to make some Mead one day. Perhaps this rainy day that has a hint of fall in it would be the perfect day to make one of humankind’s oldest drink – honey wine.

Here’s to the Bees, and the Birds, and the Mice and the Squirrels that keep us entertained all summer!

Bee Nice to Bees! 😀