When I was little, I was often accused of spending too much time with my imagination, and not enough time with studies.

Many years have passed since then, but if you dropped by my place for tea or coffee, you will still find me laying on the grass watching the clouds float by, making wishes from dandelion seeds, being still while the neighbourhood bunny eats clover in my backyard, or trying aimlessly to capture a photograph of the one and only black squirrel that lives across the lane. I’m more often than not either laying in my hammock for endless hours with a book, drawing in my sketchbook, or attempting to grow something from seeds or kitchen scraps.

I am most happy of all when my yard is full of flying and crawling insects, birds, squirrels, butterflies, dragonflies, worms, and bees.  Most of all I love to grow what nature intended best – natural pretty, fragrant and very tasty flowers full of nectar and pollen – for the bees. 😀


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