You Should BEE Dancing, Yeah!

Hello Bee Friends,

Did you ever wonder how bees tell other bees where flowers are? I bet you know that they fly back to their hives and tell the other bees, and you are absolutely right. But how do they communicate this?

Bees dance!!  And they don’t just dance willy-nilly, they dance like a Wu Li Master by incorporating UV light from the sun, gravity, vector calculus (!!) and the sun’s movement in the sky. Pretty wild?

Check this out: 🙂

Okay, if you want something more scientific, here is an excellent video from Georgia Tech College of Computing called: The Waggle Dance of the Honeybee:

Next time your teenage humans roll their eyes at geography or physics, and whine about why they need to learn it – you can calmly point out that Bees are smart enough to know about these topics 😀

Your task this week: Pretend you are a bee, pick an object and then tell someone else through ‘bee dance’ where the object is.

and…as always… Bee nice to Bees! 😀


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