Bee-ing Clever with Clover

Has everyone been hearing about The Demise of the Bees?  It seems everywhere I turn, I see a headline or two about it.  It bothers me a lot, not just because I like bees, but because it seems to highlight the whole philosophy of humankind’s disregard for other life forms. 😦

Well, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but I take it personally…my nickname is Bee too.

I have always tried to grow a Bee-Friendly garden, but – seriously – I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing.  I have two brown thumbs, and clay dirt, and have tried growing about a hundred different plants. After fruitless (pun intended) years, I’ve finally settled on letting nature take its course. Whatever grows, I split and plant around. From a hundred plants, I’m down to a few basics. My philosophy is let whatever grows, grow.  So when a tiny patch of clover started growing in my backyard right in the middle of my grass, I … well, I let it grow.

I convinced The Eggman to keep the patch of clover for the bees and dragonflies, and he very graciously (although hesitantly and very skeptically) agreed.  It grew over the summer to a patch about two meters long and a half-meter wide, but The Eggman conscientiously mowed the grass around it whilst giving me strange and ‘you are crazy’ kind of glances.  But you know what? I love the look of nature being wild in the middle of my pristine manicured yard.

And even more than me loving it, the bees loved it.  Bees love clover.

Yup, that nasty broadleaf that some people (and cities) spend gallons of herbicide to get rid of – is one of the Bees favourite flowers.  They absolutely love it.

Here is one bee crawling all around and over the clover.


The bees couldn’t get enough of the clover pollen. I think there must have been at least five different types of bees hovering around, from early summer to – well, even now.  Here are some of them:

DSC_0021a DSC_0023a DSC_0069a DSC_0057a

Many afternoons, I would slink into my hammock neatly hung between two Balinese lantern poles and float about a foot off the ground silently watching the Bees slip and buzz among the white flower clover spikes.

The view from my  hammock (can you see the little bee?):


These are happy bees.  And I’m a Happy Bee watching them.

My tip for the day:  If you want bees in your yard, grow some clover.  I guarantee they will stop by for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And if you are really inclined, write a letter to your mayor or city council asking them to STOP spraying herbicide, so that the natural green spaces can grow some bee-friendly clover too.

Bee nice to bees. 😀


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